At the Partnership for Inclusion Leadership, we offer transformative and innovative consultation and advisement to individuals and organizations throughout industry and government. Our subject matter experts have significant experience in various areas of organizational behavior, leadership development, research and assessment, strategy and conflict resolution and management. The Partnership for Inclusion Leadership extends several practice areas that define and shape our mission to support and develop intelligence and inclusion in the workplace.

Research and Assessment

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) possess the ability to critically review and analyze existing large-scale data reports and trends, offer recommendations relevant to resolve critical issues and advance mission success. We help organizations navigate survey methodology, data collection, analyses and reporting to determine the current and future state of workplace inclusion policies, strategies and procedures. We provide expertise in data analytics and informatics to drive inclusion goals. Our SMEs are trained as academicians in research areas such as sociology, psychology, political science, management science and law—they are highly skilled at handling mature tasks involving data-driven and data relevant projects.

Leadership and Development Training

Supported by Georgetown University, we offer certi­ficate programs focused on diversity and inclusion competencies such as strategic leadership, strategic communications, business acumen, building coalitions, measurement and metrics and change management. Our Certi­ficate trainings build these competencies quickly and completely and can be deployed immediately. Customized approaches can also be developed to address specifi­c program and skill gaps or challenges identi­fied through leadership assessments and evaluations.

Strategic Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

Our focus on strategic planning, implementation and evaluation is built on a wealth of experience in writing and implementing successful strategic plans. In the inclusion space, our public sector clients are required to establish policy and guidelines in alignment with organization missions and both short and long-term goals. Our work is recognized as provocative and ambitious and yields sustainable results in the following areas:

  • Development of D&I key roles and responsibilities by functional areas and proficiency levels
  • Development of employee-led D&I councils
  • Development of D&I policy guidance and audits

Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

Our team works with key stakeholders to develop and implement conflict resolution and conflict management processes and procedures to secure psychological safety for staff and leadership. Our approach to resolving conflict begins with establishing a common language to sustaining a work environment of trust and respect. We work closely with leadership to create and deliver education and training programs that increase understanding of organizational behaviors that trigger conflict among staff and between staff and leaders.

Consultation and Advisement

We believe in the importance of one-on-one consultation and advisement to grapple with obstacles that impede organizational success. Our team of SMEs are experienced advisors, mentors and coaches that offer processes that lead to desired outcomes. We believe in establishing long-term relationships with stakeholders to support continued success and consistency in addressing both obstacles and opportunities. More broadly, our team provides consultations that support leaders in areas such as executive brie­fings, strategic problem-solving and stakeholder engagement.

Institutes and Summits

Based in large part on our early work, our team is notably recognized for executing large-scale training sessions focused on women in the workplace and diversity and inclusion leadership competencies. Offered to Federal employees and members of the military, our team of experts represent industry, higher education, the non-pro­fits and government. It is through collaboration that our institutes and summits offer a plethora of instruction, interaction and interest in every aspect of workplace inclusion. Each institute and summit is grounded in theory and research evidence. Whether it be face-to-face or virtual, our SMEs develop interactive sessions and invite keynote speakers poised to provide new and provocative insights into workplace inclusion.