The Capstone Experience™

The Capstone Experience™ is a culminating experience in which participants are expected to integrate special training to extend and apply knowledge gained. Simply put, it is a “mastery experience.” It is a means to bridge the gap between training and workplace reality that is central to meeting the needs of Federal agencies.

Strategic advisors and subject matter experts guide agency teams to ensure they are not suffering biases or reverting to functional fixedness.

Areas of Focus

  • Planning, Research and Analysis
  • Formulating Solutions
  • Adoption of Solutions, Practices and Presentations


Over a 45-day period, the Capstone Experience™ is set up so that participants are grouped into teams and are challenged to identify a real-life issue or problem within the workplace. Participants can confront a range of organizational tasks such as defining:

  • Assignments, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Activities and Schedules
  • Research, Data and Findings
  • Work Group Design and Formation
  • Costs and Resources
  • Presentations and Reports


The Capstone Experience™ is the culminating event for any major organizational development and change initiative. It allows teams to actualize the training and tools they have learned and put them towards improving a real-world organizational challenge.