Benjamin Reese

Dr. Reese is the Vice President for Institutional Equity at Duke University and Duke University Health System. The office oversees diversity, affirmative action/equal opportunity, and harassment/discrimination prevention. He is also adjunct faculty in the departments of Psychology and Community & Family Medicine.

Before assuming this role, he was the Assistant Vice-President for Cross-Cultural Relations within the same office. For the last 40 years, Dr. Reese has served as a consultant to educational institutions, profit and not-for-profit corporations, and healthcare organizations in the areas of organizational change, conflict resolution, race relations, cross-cultural education and diversity. He is highly regarded as a senior diversity practitioner with a national reputation.

Before moving to North Carolina, he was the Associate Executive Director of the Fifth Ave Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy in New York City, the Ombudsperson for the Rockefeller Foundation, and founder and director of The Institute for the Study of Culture and Ethnicity in Manhattan.

He has represented both the International Council of Psychologists and the World Federation for Mental Health (Non-Governmental Organizations) at the United Nations. He is the co-founder of the North Carolina Diversity and Inclusion Partners in Higher Education and a trustee of the Wake Technical Community College in North Carolina.