Federal and industry leaders must create and leverage diversity and inclusive environments that encourage each individual and team to provide ideas critical to innovation. It is through the process of dialogue that workplace culture is transformed and sustained. The Power of Dialogue has three goals for its participants:

  • Empowered Engagement
  • Enhanced Understanding
  • Mutual Accountability and Respect

To support these goals, the Power of Dialogue is grounded in an evidence-based, structured curriculum in a deliberate order to attract participant engagement in a process that ensures psychological safety and shared perspectives that create openness, trust, empathy, and mutual respect.

The Power of Dialogue is a classroom, virtual learning experience and requires participation in ten sessions that are two hours each. The first half of our training is designed to provide substantive education and dialogue that, when modeled correctly, can promote a climate of belonging and equal voice in the workplace.

The Journey is the second half of our training and creates the space for renowned individuals to share their journey of challenges and revelations that define their personal and professional contributions in government, sports, industry, politics, arts and entertainment.

It is during these sessions that participants are inspired and equipped to triumph over personal and professional impediments through the power of voice.

Areas of Focus

  • Confront assumptions, perceptions, and stereotypes that impede personnel effectiveness
  • Examine currently held beliefs
  • Identify behaviors that promote mutual respect for divergent perspectives
  • Broaden view of what diversity and inclusion is and what it means
  • Share perspectives and facilitate a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion issues
  • Personal development and challenge your own thinking through self-reflection


The Partnership for Inclusion Leadership is proud to offer the Certificate of Mastery in DEIA Dialogue.  Supported by Georgetown University, the certificate is awarded to individuals who successfully complete the requirements of the training.

The Certificate of Mastery in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Dialogue Training also acknowledges  participants’ raised awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Each session consists of a cohort group of 10-12 participants to ensure group intimacy for honest and productive dialogue. Participants represent a wide range of organizational departments, divisions and offices within a single organization.  A session begins once a cohort is established.


The Power of Dialogue is home to a select group of prominent experts and thought leaders from higher education, think tanks, foundations, and select industries.

We are proud to have acclaimed diversity and inclusion expert, Dr. J. Bruce Stewart, former Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Personnel Management, as our lead facilitator and strategist for the Power of Dialogue.