VISION™ provides individuals directing, managing, and operating executive departments and offices with an enhanced understanding of how legacy drives leadership actions and offers support to develop and manage diversity as a strategic imperative through rich and fresh conversation.

This unique program offers participants a better understanding of how to use, build and grow one’s legacy to achieve organizational mission, remain relevant and renew to serve others through commitment and integrity.


This speaker series is a fireside chat with American visionaries who have broken barriers and paved the way for others to achieve professional success in the workplace. Issues of trust, purpose, courage, identity and character are discussion topics which are presented as foundational to building and developing one’s legacy. In many cases, our speakers are the “first” to occupy positions within their organizations as well as inheritors of family legacies that changed the world in areas such as race relations, gender inequality and workplace inclusion.


VISION™ creates a unique space in the American workplace for leaders to grapple with its ideals and principles deeply rooted in inequality and injustice. VISION™ has three major goals: