Mood and Temperament in the Workplace™

Drawing from scientific research, subject matter experts and practitioners, Mood and Temperament in the Workplace™ illuminates how employee mood and temperament affects organizational innovation, productivity and overall performance.  In this context, we introduce a framework for managing employee emotions and temperament in the workplace, which is supported by five pillars:

1) Prioritize management of mood, emotions, and temperament in the workplace

2) Assess the influence and impact of certain factors on employee relations and organizational goals and outcomes

3) Educate the workforce about the effects of moods, emotions, and temperament as facilitators and barriers to organizational productivity

4) Communicate messages aimed at reducing stigma and discrimination across the organization

5) Cultivate a compassionate, safe, and trusting organizational culture and climate that promote employee wellness and optimal work performance

Mood and Temperament in the Workplace™ is guided by three overarching goals:

1) Examine how mood and temperament are predictors of productivity and performance

2) Provide successful practices for managing the dynamics of employee mood and temperament as well as their impact on organizational productivity and performance

3) Determine how Federal regulations inform and guide strategies to address mood and temperament in the workplace