The INCLUSION MONITORING AND TRACKING TOOL (IMTT) is an innovative reporting system designed to monitor and track EEO compliance and progression towards compliance. The tool provides a comprehensive assessment of EEO compliance issues and possible influences of non-compliance.

Benefits of IMTT

  • Enhance oversight and visibility of EEO compliance issues and status
  • Support to EEO offices in mitigating risk for non-compliance and vulnerability to sanctions
  • Reinvigorate and support the success and reputation of EEO programs
Inclusion Monitoring and Tracking Tool

What IMTT Does

Aggregates EEO Data

Technical Assistance Visits Letters

  • MD-715
  • Complete agency information
  • Leadership, organizational structure, staff size, budget, training
  • Expandable as additional sources are identified

  Customized EEO Reporting

  • Comprehensive department-wide overview
  • Detailed agency-specific snapshots
  • Emerging issues
  • Trends and “hot spots”