Equity at Work™

Equity at Work™ is designed to support senior leaders and practitioners responsible for ensuring nondiscrimination in the workplace. This program provides innovative training to address the complex needs of America’s diverse and changing workforce.

The overarching direction of Equity at Work™ is to offer participants sessions that motivate, inspire as well as tools for demonstrated excellence in the workplace. Our competency model deepens one’s understanding of why and how workplace discrimination persists and methods for challenging and overcoming them.

Using a training format that is interactive instruction and group learning, Equity at Work brings together noted experts and thought leaders from industry, education and government to present topics relevant to discrimination, harassment and injury in the workplace.

Each session is framed by appropriate leadership competencies grounded in current empirical research and fresh perspectives. Our training methodology is influenced by EEO practitioners’ day-to-day demands. We offer rationale, deliberate and comprehensive trainings on objective and subjective EEO issues. Sessions are closed door and seating is limited.